The History of Comic Books

The History of Comic Books... On Our Ceiling!



is our hand-painted ceiling! It is a breathtaking work of art, covering all 1300 square feet of the store’s high 12-foot ceiling.

Inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Rome, which famously tells the story of the Bible through the paintings of Michelangelo, our ceiling tells the HISTORY OF COMIC BOOKS in 44 scenes documenting key milestones of the characters, creators, and storytelling. It begins in one corner of the store with the introduction of Superman in 1938’s Action Comics #1 and finishes in another corner with the modern day zombie epic The Walking Dead. As you walk around the store, you can literally walk the steps of comic book history!

Here is a full layout of the ceiling. Click to enlarge!

If you come by the store, we’ll give you a full-color pamphlet that explains what each scene represents!

The artist – longtime friend of the store Ken Farnsworth – worked on the ceiling for most of 2014. Ken, who has also painted several other murals in the store, has said from day one that the ceiling was a labor of love.

“I’m extremely happy and proud to present this art form in such a grand manner. It was a great honor to walk in the shoes of such industry giants as Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, and so many more. I wanted their signature styles to be instantly recognizable as much as the iconic characters and covers would be. It was nerve wracking to attempt and a pure joy to produce.”

The story of the ceiling was featured in the Baltimore Sun and reprinted in numerous other publications. Check out the Baltimore Sun story right here.