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A (Very) Brief History

Cosmic Comix & Toys was founded in 1991 in Ellicott City, Maryland, about four miles from its present location in Catonsville, Maryland. What started as a small room on a side street has since moved and grown to 1700 square feet of comic book bliss! We consider ourselves to be the best comic book store in the Baltimore area, and if you stop by we think you'll feel the same way!

Take a 3D tour of the store (minus all the people) right here:

One thing that makes Cosmic Comix truly unique is our hand-painted ceiling. It is a breathtaking work of art, covering all 1300 square feet of the store’s high 12-foot ceiling.

Inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Rome, which famously tells the story of the Bible through the paintings of Michelangelo, our ceiling tells the HISTORY OF COMIC BOOKS in 44 scenes documenting key milestones of the characters, creators, and storytelling. It begins in one corner of the store with the introduction of Superman in 1938’s Action Comics #1 and finishes in another corner with the modern day zombie epic The Walking Dead. As you walk around the store, you can literally walk the steps of comic book history!

The artist – longtime friend of the store Ken Farnsworth – worked on the ceiling for most of 2014 with his wife, Melinda.

The artist – longtime friend of the store Ken Farnsworth – worked on the ceiling for most of 2014 with his wife, Melinda.

The story of the ceiling was featured in the Baltimore Sun and reprinted in numerous other publications. Check out the Baltimore Sun story right here.

Who We Are


Store Info


87 Mellor Ave.
Catonsville, MD 21228

store Hours

Sunday & Monday
11AM - 4PM

Tuesday - Saturday
11AM - 7PM

(410) 747-3041

  • NOTE: Our answering machine is currently out of order. If you want to leave a message outside business hours, please send us an email instead!


Wanna see a map of exactly where we are? And some easy-to-follow directions? Step this way!

First Time Visitor?

When you arrive at Cosmic Comix, please let us know if it’s your first trip to the store. Why? Because we have a present for you!

Just come in, announce yourself as a first time visitor and receive one of our bright blue First Time Visitor Bags! It comes with a handful of new comic books, information about the store and website, and even a coupon for your next visit! Totally free and just for you. All you have to do is ask!

Get in touch

If you have any questions about Cosmic Comix & Toys or we can help in any other way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!