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87 Mellor Ave.
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Wednesday - Saturday : 11AM - 7PM
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(410) 747-3041

Serving the Comic Book Community Since 1991!

Cosmic Comix & Toys is a full-service comic book store located in Catonsville, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. We have been in business since 1991 with the goal of helping people to further enjoy reading and collecting comic books. We carry it all: Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, all the Independents, trade paperbacks, graphic novels and much more. We are as knowledgeable a comic book store as you will find anywhere and if you have never visited the store we invite you to drop by anytime. We specialize in comics! Come and visit! It’s worth the trip!


New comics come out every Wednesday. They are our stock in trade! We pride ourselves on our knowledge of what's currently going on in just about every title we carry, not just Marvel and DC comics either, but also titles published by Image, Dark Horse, IDW, BOOM!, Dynamite, and the other independents! Here's the list of this week's new comics!


If there's one thing we know here at Cosmic Comix, it's what's happening in the world of comic books! From major events at the big companies to new titles in the independents, we make it our job to follow it all. Check out some of the current comic book events available now!


We stock many thousands of trade paperbacks and graphic novels, everything from Dark Knight Returns and Maximum Carnage to Saga and The Walking Dead! As with the new comics, we take great pride in knowing what's in each book.


Our back issue boxes are the stuff of legend. We have far and away the best selection in the entire mid-Atlantic, with literally tens of thousands of comics to choose from. While the vast majority are just $3 each, we also have a section of higher end and Silver Age books.


Not everyone can claim that along with knowing comic books from top to bottom they also throw a mean party... but we can! Free Comic Book Day started it all many years ago and we have since expanded to celebrating Batman Day, Halloween ComicFest, and Doctor Who Day, not to mention our Local Creator Series! Here's a list of all of our coming events!


As the name says, we also carry toys... and lots of them. As you walk through the front door, the entire right wall is covered top to bottom in action figures! DC Direct, Marvel Select, MiniMates, and of course... POPS!

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