Cosmic Madness 2018

Cosmic Madness 2018 Championship!


Welcome to the Cosmic Madness 2018 Championship!

This is it! The Finals. Where dreams are made and everything is on the line! As always thank you for your participation. Without your votes we wouldn't be able to have this tournament year after year!

The final match up of the tournament will put the Watchmen up against The Walking Dead. So far the Watchmen has had no trouble against some of the tournaments heaviest hitters. Both Dark Knight Returns and Sandman have fallen victim to the book that no longer needs it's name on the cover.

However only in Cosmic Madness could the Civil War be considered an underdog. It too has gone up against some of the most popular books of all time and come away victorious. Both Old Man Logan and Walking Dead (by ONE vote) have lost to the book that defines the past decade of Marvel comics.

Now the daunting task of choosing between these all time great books falls to you.

The Championship will pit two powerhouses against each other:

DC's Watchman vs Marvel's Civil War

How do you even decide between these titles?? In any case, all you have to do is pick which title you want to win. The Championship round of voting will go from today until midnight on Monday, May 2!

All the info you need, including the complete bracket and info about the contest, is available at Cosmic Madness HQ! Now GET TO VOTING!



Written by Alan Moore
Illustrated by Dave Gibbons

It all begins with the paranoid delusions of a half-insane hero called Rorschach. But is Rorschach really insane or has he in fact uncovered a plot to murder super-heroes and, even worse, millions of innocent civilians? On the run from the law, Rorschach reunites with his former teammates in a desperate attempt to save the world and their lives, but what they uncover will shock them to their very core and change the face of the planet! Following two generations of masked superheroes from the close of World War II to the icy shadow of the Cold War comes this groundbreaking comic story - the story of The Watchmen.

WHY IT SHOULD WIN: Watchmen has to be the early favorite of the tournament. Much like Frank Miller's Dark Knight re-imagined Batman, The Watchmen re-imagined the comic industry as a whole. There is a reason why this is the only book that does not feel the need to even put a title on the cover of their trade paperback and even thirty years later we are still getting a sequel (Doomsday Clock) and that is amazing too.




Written by Mark Millar
Illustrated by Steve McNiven

The landscape of the Marvel Universe is changing, and it's time to choose: Whose side are you on? A conflict has been brewing for more than a year, threatening to pit friend against friend, brother against brother - and all it will take is a single misstep to cost thousands their lives and ignite the fuse! As the war claims its first victims, no one is safe as teams, friendships and families begin to fall apart. The crossover that rewrites the rules, CIVIL WAR stars Spider-Man, the New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the entirety of the Marvel pantheon!

WHY IT SHOULD WIN: Want to know where the modern Marvel universe starts? I say right here. Civil war was a 7 issue mini-series published in 2006 and was really the first big huge annual event that Marvel did. Tons of crossovers. Tons of titles. Tons of characters. It was big and it set the stage for all the Marvel annual events to come. Sides were chosen. Battles where fought. And the Marvel Universe was never the same. Whose side are you on? 



Watchmen or Civil War?
Civil War
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