Cosmic Madness 2019

Cosmic Madness 2019 Second Round : Stan Lee Region


Welcome to the second round of Cosmic Madness!

Here in the Stan Lee region, Rick Remender had a strong showing against Jeff Lemire… but now he must face Grant Morrison, who beat his DC Comics colleague Geoff Johns with relative ease! Meanwhile, two of comics’ most creative minds face off as Jason Aaron must deal with Jonathan Hickman!

All you have to do is pick which writers you want to win in each contest. The first round of voting will go from March 20-24, with the second round kicking off on March 25.

All the info you need, including the complete bracket and info about the contest, is available at Cosmic Madness HQ! Now GET TO VOTING!

Rick Remender


Remender is an American comic book and television writer best known for his work on Image Comics such as Deadly Class, Fear Agent, Black Science as well as Marvel Comics' Uncanny X-Force. While recently his Deadly Class book has been adapted to television and is currently in the middle of its first season.

Like many of the other writers on our list, Remender found success writing for Marvel but many now know his name from a stable of independently owned Image titles that continue to wow readers with the scope of what his is able to think up next. High school assassins (Deadly Class), tech addicted puppets (Tokyo Ghost), new-age underwater scientists (Low), and dimension-hopping astronauts (Black Science) are just a few of Remender’s creations over the past five years or so. A modern master of world building, Remender has just begun to make his mark on the comics industry and many of his fans are looking forward to what fantastical worlds he’ll come up with next.

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Grant Morrison


Morrison is a Scottish comic book writer and playwright and has been working with DC Comics for twenty five years, with acclaimed runs on Animal Man and Doom Patrol. Since then he has written such best-selling series as JLA, Batman and New X-Men, as well as such creator-owned works as The Invisibles, Klaus, Happy, WE3 and Joe The Barbarian. In addition to expanding the DC Universe through titles ranging from the Eisner Award-winning Seven Soldiers and All-Star Superman to the reality-shattering epic of Final Crisis, he has also reinvented the worlds of the Dark Knight Detective in Batman and Robin, Batman Incorporated, and Arkham Asylum.

In a tournament full of new school writers, Grant Morrison stakes his claim as an old school heavyweight. Of course he’s written all-time great books like Doom Patrol and All Star Superman but even now he seems to be putting together an instant classic with Liam Sharp in Green Lantern. While there seem to be many writers on our list that have contributed highly to the Marvel Universe, none have had as great an impact on what Morrison has done for the DC Universe. His Crisis events have shaped the foundation of everything you read from DC today and even Scott Snyder seems to be drawing quite a bit from Morrision’s style.

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Jason Aaron


Aaron is an American comic book writer, known for his work on titles such as Thor, Scalped, Southern Bastards, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and PunisherMAX. While his War of Realms event could already be the most anticipated book of 2019.

It’s a new era over at Marvel Comics. The likes of Bendis and Hickman had created the modern MU as we know it and then had the audacity to crash them all together and blow it up. Now Jason Aaron, due in part to his long standing and visionary Thor run, is attempting to bring the fun back to Marvel and stop all this needless Hero on Hero violence. His current Avengers run gets better with every arc and the intertwined Avengers One Million BC has readers excited for the even longer endgame. His Thor comics have transformed the character from a brute with a hammer to god worthy of that hammer. While the War of Realms promises to be the most fun you can have this summer. Even the fans of Aaron’s famous blood and grit stories like Thor: The God Butcher and Southern Bastards can rejoice because who else would Marvel let handle the return of Conan the Barbarian. Jason Aaron of course.

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Jonathan Hickman


Hickman is an American comic book writer and artist. He is known for creating the Image Comics series The Nightly News, The Manhattan Projects and East of West, as well as working on Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four, FF, and S.H.I.E.L.D. titles. In 2012, Hickman ended his run on the Fantastic Four titles to write The Avengers and The New Avengers, as part the "Marvel NOW!" relaunch. All leading to the groundbreaking six-part miniseries, Infinity, before masterminding the crossover event to end all crossover events in Secret Wars.

While it can be tough to narrow down which Hickman book is your favorite, his attention to world building is unmatched. Just explaining the premise for East of West can take well over 10 minutes and Secret Wars was so inspired the Marvel Universe had to come to a halt for a YEAR just to tell the story. Books like The Nightly News and Black Monday Murders show just how deep Hickman is willing to go and his Fantastic Four runs show just how much attention he puts into not just the story but the characters themselves.

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