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DC Comics' Metal


This fall, the creative dream team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo reunite for METAL, a wild ride across the newly discovered Dark Multiverse that will change the face of the DC Universe for years to come. Strap yourself in… this one’s going to rock!

The story is fairly straightforward: the Justice League discover the DARK MULTIVERSE, which is a much vaster, more fluid and nightmarish realm that exists beneath our Multiverse. When the League accidentally opens the door, something comes charging through, and what our heroes need to defeat it is Nth Metal. It’s that simple!

The places it leads you in terms of the history of these characters, the secret places that Nth Metal exists, the history of metals and the periodic tables—all that stuff should be super fun. But when it comes to what Metal is, it’s about Justice League discovering the Dark Multiverse.

Metal promises to be a fast, fun and absolutely crazy comic book event featuring the Justice League alongside a cast of hundreds of your favorite DC heroes and villains and some of the most remarkable new characters ever introduced.

Additionally, after teasing comic book fans with ominous shadow images of six evil Batmen who've come from the Dark Multiverse several weeks ago, their final, terrifying images were recently revealed. Each of these malevolent characters – The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker, The Drowned, the Merciless and The Devastator – all represent corrupted versions of Batman set upon the DCU to help conquer it once and for all, as part of the Dark Knights: Metal event!               


Metal looks to reshape the nature of the DC Multiverse and impact many books in ways that will be talked about all year long. Here you can find a checklist of every comic that’s a part of the event, including all of the one-shots and tie-in issues!

Andy Bridges