David's Month in Review

March 2018

What a month of comics! March 2018 delivered the goods with new series' from Robert Kirkman and Jeff Lemire. It also featured the final issue of Dark Knights Metal along with the epic battles that had building in both Thanos and Thor. 

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Cosmic Comix Staff Pull Sheets

Here at Cosmic Comix we know that many subscription lists are always fluctuating. Whether that is because of a limited budget or a new creative team, your list often changes month to month.

We thought it would be interesting to try and limit ourselves to just 15 comics a month (or about $50 with a CCX subscriber discount)! These lists were not easy and many hard choices had to be made. How is someone supposed to choose between Thor and Batman?!?!

Check out our lists here!! 

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February 2018

It turns out February had a bunch of new series come out and a bunch of new arcs to books I had been enjoying. VS #1, X-Men Red #1, Star Wars: Thrawn #1, and The Terrifics #1 all made their debuts and each offered something a little different from the other. While Batman #41 and Super Sons #13 stood out during the third week of the month with some new story lines that I thought served as great examples of why you should have already been reading their books.

Without a doubt, though, my favorite two books of the month were the Swamp Thing Winter Special and Thanos #16. I feel like just about every comic fan, no matter your preferred publisher or genre, should read Swamp Thing. Honestly you could probably use it to teach aspiring comic writing on how to make a good comic without overdoing it on the dialogue. Thanos #16 may never be taught in schools but it’s my favorite current title. It really has everything for the comic fan who has read and seen almost everything.

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January 2018

With the release of the new CCX What if? Subscription Lists, it has come to our attention that not nearly enough of you are reading the best X-Men book currently being published! I’ll begin this list with Astonishing X-Men, too, not only, because it is a truly fantastic read but also because I like things in alphabetical order.

While this month’s main X-travaganza has built up all the hype surrounding Jean Grey’s return, Marvel has somehow masked the return of the true leader of the X-Men. No, not Cyclops or Wolverine but it appears that Professor X is back and possibly stronger than ever.

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