David's Month in Review


David's Month in Review

I've thought about writing a Month in Review for quite a while now. When we first stopped highlights on our old website, I began to cut back on some of the titles I was reading each week and attempted to catch up on the endless stream of superhero movies and television shows. In many way, the act of trying to watch everything "based on the graphic novel by ___" feels much more like work than my actual work. Comics will always offer more diversity in writing style and artistic approach than movies or television, regardless of how many Marvel movies they can fit into a calendar year.

I don't have any interest in origin stories anymore. Radioactive spiders, decades of training, aliens from other planets, genetic mutations. It doesn't really matter to me how you got the powers; it only matter how you use them. So I'm back to reading a fat stack of comics each week and I couldn't be happier. 

It was The Mighty Thor #701 that made me decide to highlight individual issues, as opposed to new trade paperbacks or series I liked as a whole. Still written by Jason Aaron, Thor #701 featured an artist that wasn't Russell Dauterman and didn't focus on either Jane Foster or Odinson. Yet, it was perfect. It reminded me of the comics that I used to read over and over as a kid, and when thumbing through back issues 30 years from now I'll still have to flip it open to see the Mangog again. You'll find I tend to enjoy the superhero books the most. I like big fights and I like splash pages. That's not to say I don't read and enjoy Walking Dead, but I'd imagine that the majority of my picks each month involve some spangly do-gooder.

I hope you enjoy what I write and I hope you find new things you enjoy as well. Hopefully I can figure out the comments below so you can tell me all the books I missed... or at least comment on all my grammatical errors.